$28,000 covers a PhD student stipend working for one year full time on MND (ALS)

$60,000 covers a full time research scientist for one year.

$100,000 funds a PHD scholarship to completion. This is 3-4 years full time research

$170,000 covers 1 year of staff and reagent costs to run a Endotherapea HI-MVT MND patient trial. ($506,000 for 3 years, 2016-2018)

$200,000 buys a microscope to allow us to see nerves as they grow and die in MND in real time in our living MND fish.

$550,000 buys a

Leica TCS SP8 DLS confocal microscope - this will be the first in Australia and will allow us to see the biology of MND (detail here)

$600,000 buys a vital HPLC - we need this to find biomarkers of the disease to diagnose & measure treatment or cure (details here) 

$20,000 covers all the experimental reagents to eliminate or prove one MND theory for 2 years

$10000 funds all of our zebrafish facility reagent costs for one year

$5000 supports a full rack of zebrafish for MND Research one year

$1000 covers one year of antibody use in MND research

$500 purchases a DNA cloning kit to make MND constructs

$200 supplies new laboratory coats for a whole research team

$100 covers the cost of sequencing 10 genes

$50 buys 2 new filters for the zebrafish facility

$30 is the cost of taking one patients blood sample for research

$3 buys a box of 100 gloves to keep our researchers safe

$5,000,000 will make MND History. We can this generation the last MND generation. 

If you have the means to do so, please donate by clicking on this link, right here.