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The Great Barrier Reef is still beautiful and full of life.

We want all the world to see it, cherish it and feel the need to protect it.

·        We are kiting this specific region of the Great Barrier Reef because it is the most the most untouched sector of this World Heritage Area, far from human populations. The water quality, diversity and abundance of marine life is the most pristine on the planet. We wish to showcase the GBR the world

·       However, The Great Barrier Reef is under threat from coastal development, reduced water quality, overfishing, climate change and large scale mining activities. We should be limiting the amount of large industry associated with the Reef to allow for its preservation. The major shipping route on the Great Barrier Reef is actually inside the reef, similar to the route we will take. 

·       Our mission is also to push for greater protection of the worlds largest reef system, to secure a future for the entire Great Barrier Reef by raising awareness or the health and resilience of the far northern section that we will kite, in the hope that humanity will ensure that the World Heritage Values are upheld and surpassed.