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MND is Motor Neurone Disease, or ALS, or Lou Gehrigs Disease. 


It doesn’t matter what you call it you don’t want it. Normal Healthy fit people exactly like you get MND. It strikes indiscriminately, at anytime with no proven explanation. MND Kills 1 in 180 people. There is no treatment. There is no cure (yet). Recent advances means there is hope - research is that hope,  but scientists, equipment and genome sequencing needs funding. Nick and the MND Research Centre Teams at Macquarie University are on a mission to understand and cure MND. 

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Motor Neurone Disease and the Macquarie Univesity MND Research Centre

In 2013, Macquarie University established the MND Research Centre which houses Australia’s largest hub of MND researchers, a MND Clinic and Biobank.  The Centre is dedicated to understanding and ultimately beating MND. 

'KiteTheReef' is a Guiness World Record breaking expedition to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease Research. 

Extremely challenging in nature, this will be a world first. A team of ten kiteboarders, we are aiming to break the World Record for the the longest journey ever undertaken by kiteboard. The current record is 820 Km which is the same number of days that the average life expectancy of MND patient live after diagnosis - just 27 months. We aim to beat this distance and raise funds to beat MND.

Nick and the KiteTheReef team are on a mission to make MND history.   



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